Changes to Statement of purpose (COVID19)

25 March 2020

An update for providers of health and social care on the development of a COVID-19 registration framework.

We want to support health and social care providers as they look to increase capacity as part of the ongoing effort to respond to COVID-19. To help ensure that registration does not act as a barrier to these different ways of working, we have developed a special COVID-19 registration framework for providers responding to Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) or Clinical Commissioning Group contingency planning. This framework covers both new registrations and changes to service that can be made by submitting a notification online.

A COVID-19 registration is any ‘application’ from a health or social care provider where they:

  • Intend to deliver services which provide additional health and social care capacity in an area; or
  • contribute to the control of the outbreak of COVID-19 or the treatment of people who have contracted the illness.

Some changes can be made by submitting a notification online and changing your statement of purpose, meaning that changes can be made as soon as we are notified. Other changes may need you to change your existing registration, in which case you will need to submit an application. All applications relating to COVID-19 will be prioritised. In urgent cases, for example to increase existing capacity, we can assess your application at the same time as you are making the changes.

“All applications relating to COVID-19 will be prioritised.”

Source – CQC Blog 25.03.2020

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