“There are over 1,000 home care agencies with CQC ratings of ‘requires improvement’ and this trend is rising.”  – Care Quality Commission.

CQC Focused Inspection

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) reports that there are now over 1,000 home care agencies that have CQC ratings of ‘requires improvement’ and the trend is on the rise. In speaking to a number of home care service providers, there appears to a similar mindset among providers that after a comprehensive inspection on their service, they simply have to put together an action plan for CQC and the matter ends there, well, you are WRONG.

The Care Quality Commission is now placing more emphasis on conducting ‘ focused inspection’ as a follow-up to comprehensive inspection where concerns have been identified with the service.

A   CQC focused inspection is smaller in scale than comprehensive inspections, although they follow a similar process.

There are two reasons why CQC carries out a focused inspection.

The first is to review somethings they are concerned about which may have been raised during a comprehensive inspection or a monitoring work on your service. The second reason could be as a result of a significant change in a care provider’s circumstances such as a takeover, merger or acquisition.

For care providers who have had a comprehensive inspection and have been rated as requires improvement by the Care Quality Commission, there is a high chance your service will be have a focused inspection visit by the commission to review progress on the action plan submitted.

Hellocare Consulting helps home care agencies prepare for comprehensive inspections, helps with developing action plans with realistic implementation timescales.

Our strategy is simple, we work with care agencies whose current CQC ratings are ‘requires improvement’ or ‘inadequate’ to achieve a good CQC rating and then brand their businesses to make them profitable.

For assistance with upcoming comprehensive inspections, CQC required action plans, review ourCQC Inspection Support (CIS) service today.



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