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Michael Gove’s daughter gets special treatment on testing

Michael Gove has come under fire after it was revealed his daughter was tested for coronavirus just days after showing symptoms. The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster first faced questions after he was photographed jogging in a park while he was believed to be in isolation. His daughter, 17, had shown symptoms of the virus, and under government guidelines, this means members of household need to stay inside for a period of 14 days. Defending his actions, Gove reportedly said he had received special permission from Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty to have his daughter tested for Covid-19. She had first shown ‘mild’ symptoms on April 5 and he received permission 24 hours later, the Mail Online reports. They said: ‘She was tested on Tuesday and the result came back negative on Wednesday afternoon, at which point the household isolation rules no longer applied to the family.’ 

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Michael Gove’s daughter was tested for coronavirus just days after showing symptoms.

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