Paying for home care services

Care and support services at home aren’t free and most councils charge for providing them. If your local council agrees that you have care and support needs, they will then look at your finances to see how much you will have to contribute towards the cost of your care.

How much you’ll be asked to pay for your care services depends on your resources and your local council’s charging rules. They will assess your income and savings to work out your contribution. This must be reasonable and should consider any extra expenses you may pay if you have a disability. You’ll only be asked to pay what you can afford, and they can’t charge anyone else, such as your partner or someone you live with. If you’ve been assessed as needing equipment or an adaption that costs less than £1000, these should be provided free.

The council will assess your income – which includes your pension and any benefits you receive – and they will also look at your savings, but not the value of your home.

If your savings are:

  • less than £14,250 – you won’t have to use any of your savings to pay for your care
  • between £14,250 and £23,250 – you’ll have to pay £1 per week toward your care for every £250 in savings you have over £14,250
  • more than £23,250 – you may have to pay for all the care you receive.

The charges you’re asked to pay shouldn’t put you in financial difficulty. If you’re struggling to pay you can ask the council to consider reducing their charges. They can’t suddenly stop providing your services without telling you.

Make sure you’re claiming all the benefits you’re entitled to. You may be able to get disability benefits, such as Attendance Allowance  or Personal Independence Payment or Disability Living Allowance to help you pay for your support services.

The council must tell you how much they think your care will cost. If they are contributing towards the costs, this amount is called your personal budget and you have the right to decide how it should be spent. You could receive direct payments from the council and organise your own care services if you prefer.

If you’re paying for your care yourself, you can still ask the council to organise care services for you. They must help you if you ask them to, but they can charge you a fee for this.

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“Care and support services at home aren’t free and most councils charge for providing them.”


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