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Pubs across UK might not open fully until Christmas

Pubs and restaurants will be ‘among the last’ to see lockdown restrictions lifted – and may not be running as normal until Christmas. Cabinet secretary Michael Gove this weekend said the hospitality industry will be subject to social distancing measures for a longer period than others in a bid to prevent a second wave of the virus hitting Britons later this year. Frank Maguire, from Truman’s brewery in London, told The Sun he thinks it is ‘unlikely’ that pubs will be able to open again as normal before Christmas. He later clarified to ‘I expect pubs won’t reopen before July – and only once scientists advise the Government it is safe to do so. I don’t envisage normal levels of trade returning until the end of the year. We (pubs and breweries) were the first to be hit by the lockdown and we’ll be the last to reopen, which is completely understandable.’

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At least 15,000 people are still flying in to the UK each day with no screening for coronavirus. 


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