Domiciliary Care Registration

Domiciliary Care Registration

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Whether you’re registering with the CQC for the first time or overcoming previous rejections, Hellocare Consulting, with a remarkable 99.9% success rate, is ready to guide you.

We provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the registration process.

Our Guaranteed CQC Registration service includes:

  • Providing a dedicated link to initiate your CQC Countersigned DBS check.
  • Supplying all CQC-required policy documents for registration which are compliant with CQC new registration requirements introduced in March 2024
  • Our processes are now setup to generate evidence-based responses and demonstrate knowledge of Quality Statements in your CQC application.
  • Offering ongoing support to clients throughout the process, addressing any CQC-related questions.


Please note :

Following your application submission, if you’d like us to assist you with thorough preparation for the CQC Registered Manager interview, click link – CQC INTERVIEW SUPPORT SERVICE

Among our successful clients are home care agencies such as:

1. Ceaseless Care Limited
2. Enhancing Your Care Ltd
3. Katalyzt UK Enterprises Ltd
4. Richsyl Care limited
5. Williamhomecare ltd

Ready to Get Started? Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to establish your care service on a solid foundation of compliance and excellence.





The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has recently implemented significant changes to its registration assessment process, introduced within the past two weeks. It’s crucial to note that the new approach for application submission is now in effect.

Hellocare Consulting, a prominent care consulting company with a 99.9% success rate in CQC registrations, has taken the initiative to update its processes and policy documents to align with CQC compliance procedures and the new approach to registrations and inspections.

Some of the changes include:

  1. The online registration questions now include Quality Statements that care providers must understand and provide written evidence in the application to demonstrate knowledge.
  2. The new online registration process (CQC portal) may now require 1.5-2 hours, compared to the previous 30 minutes to complete the application.

See list of categories or sections related to Quality Statements contained within CQC application below.


1.1 Learning Culture

1.2 Safe systems, pathways and transitions

1.3 Safeguarding

1.4 Involving people to manage risks

1.5 Safe environments

1.6 Safe and effective staffing

1.7 Infection prevention and control

1.8 Medicine optimisation


2.1 Assessing needs

2.2 Delivering evidence-based care and treatment

2.3 How staff, teams and services work together

2.4 Supporting people to live healthier lives

2.5 Monitoring and improving outcomes

2.6 Consent to care and treatment


3.1 Kindness, compassion and dignity

3.2 Treating people as individuals

3.3 Independence, choice and control

3.4 Responding to people’s immediate needs

3.5 Workforce wellbeing and enablement


4.1 Person-centre care

4.2 Care provision, integration and continuity

4.3 Providing information

4.4 Listening to and involving people

4.5 Equity in access

4.6 Equity in experience and outcomes

4.7 Planning for the future

Well led

5.1 Shared direction and culture

5.2 Capable, compassionate and inclusive leaders

5.3 Governance, management and sustainability

5.4 Partnerships and communities

5.5 Learning, improvement and innovation

5.6 Environmental sustainability – sustainable development

5.7 Workforce equality, diversity and inclusion

5.8 Freedom to speak up


9 reviews for Domiciliary Care Registration

  1. Joan Boateng

    I attempted to establish a domiciliary care service independently, but my attempts were met with two rejections by the CQC. Whether it was my Statement of Purpose or my Safeguarding policy, something always seemed to be sent back for revisions. I became extremely frustrated until I discovered Hellocare Consulting. Their expert guidance led me through the intricate process, providing comprehensive policies and procedures. To my amazement, my application sailed through on the first attempt. Now, they are preparing me for the Registered Manager Interview, and I am profoundly grateful for their support.

  2. Sarah Napolitan

    I meticulously navigated the CQC registration after two failed attempts with the support of Hellocare Consulting

  3. Emilia Sanchez

    Hellocare Consulting has been a game-changer for our home care agency. Their expert guidance during the CQC registration process was invaluable. Highly recommend their services!

  4. David Turner

    I’m impressed with Hellocare Consulting’s commitment to excellence. The mandatory care training they provided was thorough, and their assistance with CQC registration was seamless.

  5. Peter O’Neil

    Working with Hellocare Consulting for our CQC home care registration was an absolute game-changer! Their team provided invaluable support every step of the way, guiding us through the intricate process with professionalism and expertise. Thanks to their comprehensive knowledge of CQC regulations and requirements, we were able to navigate the registration smoothly and efficiently. I highly recommend Hellocare Consulting to any care provider seeking top-notch support for their CQC registration.

  6. Diana Sharington

    I cannot recommend Hellocare Consulting enough for anyone preparing for their CQC registered manager interview. From the moment I reached out to them, they provided personalized support and tailored advice that significantly boosted my confidence.

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    jhanee buhaj

  8. amelita zillner

    amelita zillner

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